Our Services


Home Staging is the answer to packaging your home correctly for sale from the start.  Buyers want homes that are "Move In Ready" or more so "Live In Ready".  When a home is cluttered, busy or lacks flow, it is difficult for a buyer to picture themselves living in the space. Your home needs to become a marketable space, which means depersonalizing while keeping it warm and inviting.  It needs to be bright, fresh, updated, and repaired. It gives your property the much needed competitive edge over comparable listings.  Sometimes making even the most minor changes help to eliminate potential price reductions.  A potential buyer will have little to complain about if everything has already been done.  

Using the same principles as retail visual merchandising, staging proves that a well packaged product with good presentation creates a desire to purchase and own. When you invest in staging, it is an affordable way to maximize your equity in the shortest amount of time.  It's no secret that the longer a home is on the market the lower the selling price gets. Staged homes show better in photos and marketing. They attract more buyers, and eliminate buyers from chipping away at your asking price. Leverage our experience and re-design tools to turn ‘selling’ into ‘sold’. 

Our goal is to minimize costs while "redesigning" spaces.  We will use YOUR furnishings - rearrange, declutter, and make suggestions for minor improvements and repairs, and we'll be able to assist with that too. We will create an inviting space that a potential buyer can imagine themselves living in and even feeling at home.  This is done by using lifestyle selling techniques, while highlighting it's best  features.  In a competitive market this will set your house apart from the rest, and bring you the offers instead of your competition.